​​​​​​​We are a family owned and operated local business focused on surface cleaning, surface preparation, rust and rust stain removal and coating.
Proper surface preparation is a critical factor in determining how long paint, powder coat and stain will last. 
A surface must be rust free, dirt free, and contaminant free to maximize the adherence, longevity, protection, and beauty that coatings provide.
EcoBlasting is an excellent means of achieving that exact level of surface preparation. 
EcoBlasting is fast and efficient saving you hours, days or even weeks of tedious labor sanding, grinding and scraping surfaces.
EcoBlasting uses the power of organic materials combined with pressurized air and water to create a dust free blasting process. 

Unlike dry sandblasting, removed particles and spent media are trapped in water and drop to the ground instead of drifting through the air allowing for better containment and clean up.

Because water is used during the EcoBlasting process, friction is reduced when media particles hit the surface.  This actually lowers the surface temperature by 15 degrees protecting metals from warping and allows for powder coating to be removed quickly and easily.  

No harsh chemicals or acids are needed to restore and prep surfaces. 

We use recycled bottle glass and water to quickly clean away years of rust, paint, grime and weathering leaving metal, wood, fiberglass, brick and concrete surfaces like new again.
Can't come to us?
 We will come to you!
 Our mobile EcoBlasting unit allows us to travel across Michigan for onsite surface prep for projects that are too big for transport.       
Call 248-736-6218 today to inquire about EcoBlasting for your next restoration project!  

Wonder how EcoBlasting differs from pressure washing???  Click on the video below to see the difference.
Both were filmed in real time on a wood fence that had stain under two different colors of paint.  The power washer barely makes it through the top coat of paint while EcoBlasting quickly and effectively exposes a fresh clean surface perfect for restoration.

pressure wash vs EcoBLast

Rock Blast

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